Monthly Reflection – April 2013


Dear all I hope this month’s reflection finds you all well!?


This month’s reflection is not from my desk- But has been written for us by a church leader from Watford. It is the first of our monthly reflections that are to be given to us by church leaders and I hope you find it as useful as I have.

I am also pleased to be sending this reflection to our brothers and sisters in our Bedfordshire Branch under the spirit of togetherness and collaboration- So again I hope our friends in Bedfordshire find this of some value.

This month’s reflection is written by Pastor Richard Evans. Richard is the full time Pastor of West Watford Christian Fellowship in Vicarage Road Watford; he has been a Christian for more than Twenty Years and is an Associate member of the Branch.

Richard is married to Karen and has four wonderful sons who keep them extremely busy when they are not working at the church. And if you were to ask- ‘I wonder if Keith and Richard are related?’ The answer is yes- Richard is one of my younger brothers! So over to him!


She Fell Over!

As a young man I dreamt of one day becoming a professional footballer, I loved the sport and would have done anything to achieve my dream. After a 2 year apprenticeship at Barnet my dreams were set back as I was released, I continued my career at St Albans city which was a semi – professional club. It wasn’t long before what seemed my destiny and opportunity to make it in the big time.

We had won through to the second round of the F.A. cup and we played Bristol City away, the ground and pitch was amazing, the atmosphere electric, and with lots of our fans travelling to support us I thought this would be the turning point.

What actually happened on that Saturday afternoon was probably the most embarrassing moment of my life- I received the ball at the left back position and played a lovely one two and was well on my way up the left wing, in acres of space and growing in confidence when disaster struck, without anyone around me or even a challenge being remotely close I managed to fall over, this was much to the home crowds delight, as they started the chant ‘she fell over’! What made it worse was that our fans joined in the rendition, amongst who were my brother and two mates who also didn’t mind having a little sing song.

As you can imagine it wasn’t a springboard day and after losing 9-2 it was a bit of a disappointing moment.

Falling over is somewhat of a human characteristic, the T.V. programme ‘You’ve been framed’ demonstrating the regularity of such things! We read in the bible of an almighty fall which has plagued us ever since the beginning of time, the fall of Adam ( as in Adam and eve in God’s garden), we seem destined in life to make wrong choices and experience those moments where it all falls apart. The book of Romans in the bible tells us that we humans all descend from this Adam, meaning we all bare his family trait of tripping and falling down.

We all fall down it’s just a matter of time and size- It’s a gene pool problem!

Many of us carry genes of our forebears and the symptoms of those genes differ amongst relatives, some may have huge visible symptoms whilst others only demonstrate a small amount. This could be anything from hand gestures, to hair loss or something major like heart disease.

The fall of Adam was due to the desire to self-rule, to seek self-determination and to do things my way regardless of the outcome.  Humanity all bears the same hallmark, many rule self with very minor symptoms of the faulty gene, and even being good and decent people and the problem is we all fall down. Some fall horrifically and regularly causing great hurt to themselves and others; whilst some only seem to fall a little and not often, with which seems of no consequence. 

The bible clearly tells us that all have sinned (fallen over) and that we all fail to reach a pass mark in Gods exam paper of life.

But things don’t have to continue along the same lines, everybody can have a new start and also a new family trait. Jesus is the answer to our falls; he’s able to forgive when we go wrong regardless of how big or small or even if it is something which happens frequently. He is also willing to get rid of our two left feet so to speak in the decisions and habits which are formed in our lives.

If you like me have experienced a fall then don’t lose heart, get up and start again. God Loves his creation and he is willing to participate in the lives of any who want his help, this spring time is a reminder of new life and this is exactly what God has in store for any who will ask for his help.

God Bless



(If you in your own church have a church leader, Pastor, Vicar or Elder who would like to provide us with a monthly reflection then please ask them to contact me directly so that I can discuss it with them.)





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