Monthly Reflection – May 2016

Dear all good afternoon!

This month’s reflection has once again been slightly delayed due to child care in the Evs household and general business on RPU! We had an excellent time at the national CPA conference in Essex where we had a great time of fellowship and sharing. Next year’s conference is in Gloucestershire and is open to any branch member or friend of CPA- I would encourage you to consider coming along! In a couple of weeks Andy and I will be off to the CVM (Christian Vision for Men) gathering near Swindon to represent the CPA with a view to doing more work with them in the future- so please pray that we can have a real impact on the lives of other men and that we have good weather as we will be camping!


All Change? Or not?


Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.

Hebrews 13:8


This week I have been privileged to represent the CPA at an event in Watford celebrating the diverse community that we live in and how the make-up of our county is ever changing; it was great to see so many nationalities and walks of life represented at the event and the range of food from across the globe was stunning. But as part of that celebration we also both acknowledged and celebrated the 90th birthday of Queen Elizabeth the second and her reign of over 63 years. I believe that the Queen has always been and will continue to be a huge blessing upon our nation- to see and hear her gospel centred Christmas messages is a wonderful thing but also the length of her reign and her dedication to our nation and the wider commonwealth shows how sometimes consistency is best!

The event was held in a community centre in West Watford next to a large church ‘St Michael and all the angels church’ in Mildred avenue west Watford. This church has stood in Watford for a very long time pre-dates world war one. The church has been a constant presence in West Watford and for me has a personal link- It was in this church in May 1973 that Robert Evans married Christine Jones (My parents!)- That’s right it was in this very church where my own personal story began with the marriage of my mum and dad! In March of the following year I arrived and life for my mum and dad has not been the same since- two more sons came along in time and all of us were baptised as children in the same church!

I took the time yesterday to go into the church and take a few moments to think, pray and reflect on how the story of the family Evans began for us in that very church. It felt great to sit in a very large beautiful church and pray quietly for the family that I have been blessed with and the blessing that St Michael and all angels continues to be to the people of West Watford.

The real blessing of my parents is that they have provided for my brothers and I a firm foundation of Love that set us all on the right path- My parents Love and care didn’t stop when I left home in my very early twenties but continues on today even though I am now over 40 and even though they are now grandparents to five boys and two girls their love has never changed towards their three sons!

Having people that we can rely on in our lives provides us with certainty- when we find good friends that are with us through thick and thin it gives us strength to carry on; whilst I have a wide circle of friends I know in my heart of hearts that there is an ‘inner circle’ of a few friends who to me are almost family- they know who they are and know that their friendship and support has been a tower of strength for me through some troubling times! I always think that one of the most important things we can teach our children is to make life long connections with people- have ties if you can don’t be alone. Of course I am teaching my children that the most important lifelong connection that they need is with God!

Our most important relationship is the one we have with the Our Lord- it is simply a matter of life or death for each of us and we should never ignore it or underestimate it!

It is a famous quote by the Christian author C.S. Lewis that simply says – ‘Though our feelings come and go God’s love for us does not’.

God Loves us- God loves you more than you will ever know! A relationship with the unchanging Lord provides us with the real consistent life long relationship that we really need- Gods love towards us was there yesterday, it is here today and it will definitely be there tomorrow!

So be encouraged- God Loves you! I know that God loves me even though I am not perfect- I know that God showed love for me on a cross taking my place in love for what I have done wrong!

In John 15 we read: ‘Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.’ He died for me even though I didn’t know him!

This month I want you to encourage you to be thankful for the people around you who provide that constant Love and support but also to reflect on developing a lifelong loving relationship with a Lord who loved you enough to die for you on the cross!

God Bless





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