Founded in 1883 by Catherine Gurney, OBE, the Christian Police Association now has branches in the majority of police areas in the United Kingdom as well as maintaining links with similar groups overseas through the International Christian Police Fellowship.

Catherine’s last contribution to the Police Service was the founding of the Police Convalescent Homes now known as Rehabilitation Centres and located in Flint House in Oxfordshire, St.Andrew’s in Harrogate and at Castlelebrae, Auchterarder in Scotland. She also founded Police Orphanages and schools whose ongoing work is continued by the Gurney Fund in the south and St.George’s Police Trust in the north. It is this tradition of practical Christianity that the CPA aims to promote.

Not content with what she accomplished in the United Kingdom, she also travelled abroad extensively and sought to continue her work wherever she went, making the CPA truly International.

OUR PURPOSE is to glorify Jesus Christ in the Police Service.

– encourage and support Christians in the Police Service
– communicate in words and action, the truth, message and hope of the gospel of Jesus Christ to colleagues and the community we serve
– build bridges between the Christian community and the police

OUR VISION is to see:
– an active and growing Branch of CPA in every Police Service in the UK and every Christian in the Police Service to fulfil their potential in Jesus Christ
– colleagues and those we serve to know Jesus Christ personally
– police and churches working together in every community to reduce crime and improve quality of life

It is possible to be a committed Christian in the Police Service, but with the rigours of shift work and other commitments it is often difficult to be fully involved in the life of your church. We believe that fellowship with other believers is important and especially with those who understand the problems associated with police work.

We want to demonstrate that it is possible to live a life based on ethical values that are time-tested. Prayer does change things and we want to encourage those inside and outside the police service to pray for the police and their local policing situation. We also encourage churches to interact with their local police through our COACT Project.

Committed Christians in the Police Service are encouraged to identify with each other by becoming members of the Association.



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