CPA Leaders

Keith Evans – Branch Leader

Keith has been Branch Leader for two years and prior to that served as both Deputy and Assistant Branch leader for a further two years; he is also Trustee of the C.P.A. nationally . Keith is a Police Sergeant with nearly twenty years of Police service as a regular officer and as a Special Constable and has worked in a variety of roles including Local Policing, Roads Policing and Custody.

Keith has been a Christian for over twenty years and comes from a ‘Free Church’ background; he currently worships at his local community church. He is married to Natasha a serving Police officer who is also a Christian and a member of the C.P.A.; they have two daughters. In his spare time he is a regular preacher in church, enjoys reading, watching Rugby Union and supporting his childhood club – Watford.

Keith said about the C.P.A. “It is great to be able to connect with others in the Police service who either have a faith in Christ or who are interested in learning more about our faith. The C.P.A. locally has led to me making strong connections with the wider Christian community of Hertfordshire and would welcome contact from anyone who wants to know more about the C.P.A. or being a Christian in the Police.”

Andy Robinson – Deputy Branch Leader

Andy became Deputy Branch Leader in May 2014 before serving as Assistant Branch Leader for one year. Andy trained and worked as a Physiotherapist before changing careers and joining the Police in 2007. He started his service with Surrey Police, working on response and uniformed CID, and then moved to Hertfordshire in 2009 where he as worked on response and roads policing.

Andy came to faith as a gradual process through his upbringing in a Christian home, making a personal commitment in his early teens. He is part of his local Baptist Church where he is involved in preaching and leading the music. He is married with three children and in his spare time enjoys playing guitar, running, DIY and watching his native Springboks play rugby.

Andy said about the C.P.A “Being Christian in the Police Service can be challenging and difficult, which is why I need the grace of God and the support of my fellow believers. This is one of the reasons why the CPA is so important, and I pray that I can do my bit in praying for, and supporting everyone involved with the work of the CPA, particularly in Hertfordshire. I’m always happy to speak to anyone who is interested in finding out more about being a Christian or the C.P.A”





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